Bitcoin Payment for Change of Name by Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

How much does it cost to change my name? 0.15 Bitcoin

Just 0.15 Bitcoin per document. For 0.15 Bitcoin you will receive a completed legally recognised official change of name document ready for you to endorse with either witness signatures or a solicitors stamp depending on what type of document you choose, either Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration.

Your document comes ready filled in with your correct information. As soon as you have completed the document endorsement you have officially changed your name.

The cost is the same for each different kind of document, adult or child, Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration. You may download as many copies of your change of name document as you require. If you lose your documents you may log in to our website with your email address and password at any time without charge and download more copies of your document.

Your document will be available for download once your Bitcoin payment is confirmed, a process that can take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. Please provide your email address during payment so that we can confirm your payment. The Bitcoin cost will remain the same no matter how the Bitcoin exchange rate varies.

Pay with Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open source P2P (peer-to-peer) digital currency, software and protocol.

Bitcoin allows instant peer-to-peer payments, worldwide transactions and very low processing fees. The peer-to-peer technology operates without a central authority. Managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the entire network. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows uses that could not be covered by any previous payment systems.

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