Witnessing a Deed Poll Name Change Document

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How to witness your Deed Poll Name Change document

Before you can use your Deed Poll document as your official name change evidence, your document must be signed and dated by you, and also witnessed and signed at the same time by two other people ages 18 years or over who should not be family members.

The Deed Poll document contains several blank spaces for this purpose. All signatures and text must be written in ink.

At the top of the document is the space for the date which should be completed with the correct date of witnessing, for example:

date of witnessing

Below the main text you must sign both your old name and your new name. Where it states: By the above named 'your new name': you must sign with your new signature, and below, where it states: Formally known as 'your old name': you must sign with your old signature.

Even if your name change means that your signature has not changed, you must still sign in both sections.

In the case of a child's Deed Poll document the child is not required to sign. As the parent you must sign in the space provided at: By the above named 'your name' - parent (signature):

Your witnesses must now also sign your Deed Poll document to show they have witnessed you. They must sign their name next to the section that states: 'Witness', and below this they must print their name, address and occupation. Your witnesses are simply signing to show they have witnessed the document, not that they have read or understood the document.

It is a good idea to print, sign, date and witness several copies of your Deed Poll document. That way you can keep a copy or two safe for future use. Each of your Deed Poll document copies must be fully completed as shown above.

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