The Full Name Change Process

Deed poll and Statutory Declaration Change Name Documents online for £10

1. Decide on your full new name:

You have probably been thinking about changing your name for some time, and know exactly why and what you want to change your name to, but you should still think for a period on just what your new name will be, and as importantly, the exact spelling of your new name. You should write down your full new name on paper and have this ready when you fill in the online form.

2. Fill in our online name change application form:

Choose either the child or adult name change form and fill in the details. As well as deciding what type of document you require, either a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration, you will need to fill in your full old name and full new name, your address and date of birth, your email address that will also become your user name on this website, your nationality and choose your password. If you are changing the name of a child you will also need to indicate any parental consent and add the name of the other parent for our records. Take care with the spellings in all cases. You should capitalise letters correctly as the first letter of each of your names, and the rest of the letters in lower case. Your address and your full new name will appear on your document exactly as you type it in to the form so check this carefully before you proceed.

3. Make your payment:

We accept Credit and Debit card payments via PayPal. You do not have to be a PayPal memeber to make a card payment. Once you have filled in the application form and clicked the payment button you will be directed to the payment website. Follow the instructions on the payment website. You may use a credit or debit card to pay even if you are not a PayPal member. Payment confirmation via PayPal is instant. You will then be directed back to this website.

Important: Please ensure you follow the link on the PayPal payment confirmation screen back to this website to ensure your PayPal payment is automatically tracked.

4. Log in to download and print your name change document:

As soon as your payment is confirmed, which is usually instant via PayPal, your document will be ready and available to download and print. You must now log back in to this website using your email address and password to download your new document. Your downloaded name change document comes ready completed with the full correct information as input by you in to the online name change application form, with spaces to write some additional information such as the date of signing and signatures. You should print several copies if you have chosen a Deed Poll as it is good to have copies for safe keeping. Use good quality paper if you have any. The cost of each document is £10.

5. Authorise your name change document:

The process of authorising your document depends on whether you have chosen a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration name change document. Deed Poll is the simplest as this just requires you to sign and date the document in the presence of two witnesses who must not be relatives, who will then sign and date the document to confirm they have witnessed it. Your Deed Poll name change document is now complete. If you have chosen a Statutory Declaration your document must be taken to a solicitors office for you to swear an oath on the document. There is usually a small charge to do this at the solicitors office. The solicitor will then add their official stamp to the document. Your Statutory Declaration name change document is now complete.

6. Use your name change document to prove your new name:

You will need to get in touch with all of the organisations that record your personal details such as the Inland Revenue, your employer, the DVLA, home utility companies, your bank, credit and loan companies etc. to tell them about your change of name. They will often require a certified copy of your document. You will need to take your name change document with you whenever you need to prove your name such as when you apply for a new passport or open a new bank account.